Hydrogen Generation

Specific training for the new generation of green hydrogen professionals.

H2V Training : In the geographical areas where it operates, H2V is also developing specific training programs, in collaboration with the regions and universities, to prepare the new “Hydrogen Generation” to meet the current challenges.

The training is delivered by professionals and is aimed at Bac + 2 students, jobseekers or employees.

H2V Training allows students to obtain a diploma and qualitative training to access the professions of hydrogen.


The training of students takes place over a period of 1 year.
At the end of this training a diploma is issued.

This training is for:

  • To Bac + 2 or engineering students, who will be the employees in charge of the operation
  • To employees who, via the personal training account, can acquire a qualification in the hydrogen trades
  • Jobseekers who, through innovative training, can find a job

We train engineers, technicians, specific personnel for the maintenance and safety trades specific to the needs of the global sector.


Training is provided in each territory where H2V INDUSTRY has a plant. The first regions concerned are Normandie and the Hauts de France region, France. With 12,000 jobs in the next five years, the hydrogen sector will occupy an important place in the economy of our territories.


  • General information on hydrogen

    What is hydrogen (what) ?

    What are the applications of hydrogen (where) ?

    How to produce H2 (how) ?

    Risk control

    Experiences to be carried out by the student

  • Assembly and maintenance

    Nature of control operations

    Importance of tightness and cleanliness (volatility of the gas)

    Experiences to be carried out by the student

  • Exploitation

    Electrical networks

    Water analyzes

    Experiences to be carried out by the student

  • Industrial control

    Principle of operation of the various operations

    Experiences to be carried out by the student

  • Security certifications

    Nature of electrical risks

    Fire department

    First aid

    Safety instructions

    Mechanism of safety in case of hydrogen leakage

    Pressure equipment

    Experiences to be carried out by the student