H2V INDUSTRY is an industrial company producing mass hydrogen by water electrolysis based on energy certified 100% renewable.  The company is positioned as a major industrial player in the deployment of the Energy Transition, who creates jobs and added value. H2V INDUSTRY provides solutions in France and abroad.


An ambitious industrial plan that aims to develop a sector for the storage of renewable  energies by hydrogen production. Our first plants in France are Les Hauts de France, Normandy and Pays de Loire regions. Each plant represents a 500 Million Euros investment and generates 200 jobs. By 2030, the industry developped by H2V will create 12 000 jobs in France for 3.5 billion euros investment.


The project is to build factories in France and abroad to satisfy all the applications that will require green hydrogen :

  • Oil and chemical Industries,
  • Hydrogen injection in gas infrastructures,
  • Mobility.

Our teams develop, build and maintain our projects in assocaiation with experts of the sector.

Decarboned Economy

Green Gas for Everyone

Understanding the energy challenges of the 21st century linked to sustainable development