Development, conception, realization and exploitation of the projects :

H2V PRODUCT projects are developed in collaboration with the general services of SAMFI-INVEST based in Caen, associate architects, lawyers specializing in urban planning and industrial risks, engineering offices specializing in chemical plant constructions and Large industrial complexes, with the support of solid experiences shared with quality suppliers, without any exclusivity relationship. As part of the investigation of the files, we are in charge of:

  • Instruction and application for authorization to operate the plants,
  • Drafting and filing of building permits,
  • Consultation and selection of subcontracting companies (pipelines, electricity, civil engineering and buildings),
  • Site preparation, planning, hygiene and safety, controls, communication, public affairs,
  • Construction, supervision, reception and industrial commissioning,
  • Supervision of operators and operators of the industrial site,
  • Production management, improvement of systems, optimization of results.