H2V PRODUCT is a company focused on applications for the massive use of carbon-free hydrogen (H2V). H2V PRODUCT aims at the production and injection of hydrogen into gaspipes from regional plants, located in the regions of Hauts de France, Normandie, Pays de Loire and Grand Est to meet the important hydrogen requirements of the major gas transportation networks. Our first achievements will be based in the Hauts de France, Grand Est, Normandie and Pays de Loire regions and will be developed within the framework of the natural gas transport infrastructures. Some of our projects will initially focus on timely situations, allowing us to use locally available CO2 to produce biogas. Ultimately, these projects will be extended to hydrogen injection applications in gas pipelines.


Our industrial program consists of the development, construction and operation of hydrogen plants for direct introduction into gaspipes, at a rate of half a per cent in volume per year, and over time up to 6% of the volume of natural gas that passes through our transportation networks. By recovering CO2 from local industries (TOTAL, ENI, EXXON MOBIL, RIO TINTO, ARCELOR, GLENCORE, ASCOMETAL, AIR LIQUIDE, ERAMET etc) H2V PRODUCT could double its hydrogen production capacity to produce in a process of methanation (C02 + H2), biogas. In this context, the Hauts de France, Normandie and Pays de Loire regions would be the main contributors for biogas production in France. H2V PRODUCT plans to upgrade the C02 extracted from the industries in Dunkirk and that of the EXXON MOBIL refinery.


An industrial company created in 2016 who responds to the concerns of the low-carbon economy by proposing the installation of hydrogen production plants in France. The objective of this approach is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Aware of this national, European and global challenge, H2V PRODUCT moves to Lillebonne to produce hydrogen using water electrolysis to reduce CO2 in biogas.
H2V PRODUCT uses a technology for the electricity conversion based on an electric process involving water electrolysis. Hydrogen supplied by the H2V plants will be injected partly into France’s general gaspipes, connected to geological storage facilities in France and in the networks dedicated to supply future energy infrastructures.

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